In a felicitation message to biography, “Abhedananda Gurudevan” by Sri Kumaran Thampy, the  great Malayalam  scholar Sri. Shooranaat Kunjan Pillai expressed like this:

“Upon instituting an Ashramam near Padmatheertham inside Fort, Trivandrum, the city witnessed Abhedananda Jyotis. An ashramam- (which is otherwise to be set in Himalayas or interior mountain ranges)-getting prominence in the midst of a city, generated surprise and respect. Penance and subsequent mental purity and glory are not meant for mountains or caves. Rather, it is for mankind. An apt location for such an endeavor is at the heart of city. Sri Abhedanada who decided to set up an Ashramam in the heart of city and the ruler who donated the land for it; both did a great contribution to world”.