The presiding deity is Bala Krishna. The central icon is Bhagwaan in a charming, adorable child’s form, one hand on his hip and the other hand holding a lump of creamy white butter. Worship proceeds according to elaborate and formal tantric systems laid down in prescribed textbooks based on Vedic ethos.

The temple opens at 5 am for Nirmalyam and closes by 10.30 am after the circumambulatory procession called Seeveli. The temple during the day opens again at 5 pm and closes at 8.00 pm after Athazha Seeveli.

The Radha Mandapam was constructed directly opposite the Sanctum sanctorum such that; Hladini Swaroopini Sri Radha Rani is facing Sri Syama Sundara Bala Krishna. This is a unique experience of veneration to devotees visiting the temple.


There are many more temples within Abhedashramom Temple complex, dedicated to different deities.
On the left of the sanctum sanctorum is Vigneswara Temple and right is Anjaneya Temple. A few steps on the right side of Anjaneya temple are temples of Subramanya Swamy and Lord Ayyappa. Further ahead, centrally located is the temple dedicated to Sri Vidhyadhiraja Chattambi Swamigal .