Our Gurudev

1936-RISHIKESH He stood facing the Himalayas, his palms folded like a lotus bud .Embracing his feet were the gentle waves of the Ganges. His young and youthful face resplendent in the morning sun, His saffron clothes fluttered in the cool mountain breeze. He bellowed from the innermost core of his self “SING SING SING ALOUD TILL YOUR HEART BREAKS”    HE sang his way into the hearts of people awakening them into that blissful ocean of Prem and Bhakti through Namajapam. ‘Namapremi Namaroopi Namarthi Namadayaka Nameva Jeevitham Vande Sri Abhedananda Sadgurum He was SADGURU SWAMI ABHEDANANDA BHARATI- Simplicity, Devotion and Love personified’